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JavaScript is quite complex and confusing for newbies and even for pros in the field. The dynamically typed nature and so many inconsistencies and buggy behavior make it hard to master.

This book explains the most complex parts of JavaScript in simple terms a beginner can fully understand.

In this eBook, we are going to cover many JavaScript concepts:

  • The delete operator
  • Currying in JavaScript
  • The null and undefined operator
  • __proto__
  • unary operator
  • Memoization in JavaScript
  • Mutation in JavaScript.
  • Deep and shallow clone in JavaScript
  • For-of in JavaScript.
  • Destructuring in JavaScript

Table of Contents

  • Understanding the delete operator
  • Understanding Destructuring in JavaScript
  • Understanding typeof in JavaScript
  • Understanding the ❕unary operator
  • Understanding Null and Undefined in JavaScript
  • Understanding __proto__ in JavaScript
  • Understanding Public and Private Fields in JavaScript Class
  • Understanding Mixins in JavaScript
  • Understanding Memoization in JavaScript to Improve Performance
  • Understanding Javascript Mutation and Pure Functions
  • Understanding the For…of Loop In JavaScript
  • Understanding Currying in JavaScript
  • Methods to Iterate through JavaScript Objects
  • Microtask and Macrotask: A Hands-on Approach
  • Deep Clone and Shallow clone in JavaScript
  • The “Pure” in Pure Functions
  • Simple Explanation of Objects and Memory References in JavaScript
  • Strict and Type–Converting Comparisons: JavaScript Under the Hood
  • Why you should not use Array constructor
  • Reducing Array elements using the length property
  • In-depth look at what happens when adding Arrays in JavaScript
  • In-depth look at function() {} + function() {} operation in JavaScript
  • Why {} + {} gives “[object Object][object Object]” in JavaScript

Who am I?

My name is Chidume Nnamdi, I am a Web Developer, Blogger and also you can find me on Twitter. I started coding around 2011, I started with building themes for Nokia ExpressMusic then, I later learned about HTML, and what piqued my interest was the use of marquee 😁 so from there I started with JavaScript and the rest was history.

My writing experience started around 2017 after reading lots of articles on and I was like “I can do this” and since then I have been writing.

The goal for this book

My goal for this eBook is to simplify the complex topics of JavaScript and also to show how most of the buggy behaviors in JavaScript happens. I followed the EcmaSpec showing detail by detail how everything is spelled out in the Ecma spec.

For any questions reach out to me by email or via Twitter.

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