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  • The delete operator
  • Currying in JavaScript
  • The null and undefined operator
  • __proto__
  • unary operator
  • Memoization in JavaScript
  • Mutation in JavaScript.
  • Deep and shallow clone in JavaScript
  • For-of in JavaScript.
  • Destructuring in JavaScript

Table of Contents

  • Understanding…


Why do we need this blitz.js framework?

Understanding JavaScript’s Memory Model, with Examples.

Memory Model

Moon.js is a minimalistic JavaScript library for building fast, functional UI.


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  1. Identifying errors and weeding them out using automated testings (the subject of this blog post).
  2. Reusing components that have “proven” themselves to be error-free both in real projects, as well as in automated testings. This can be done using Bit’s tool and platform (Github). Bit makes it quick and easy to share, reuse, and manage reusable components. It even runs unit tests before sharing components to Bit’s component hub. …

typeof usage

typeof data

const l = console.logconst obj = {
method: function() {
l("method in obj")
const obj2 = {}
obj2.__proto__ = obj

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