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JavaScript is quite complex and confusing for newbies and even for pros in the field. The dynamically typed nature and so many inconsistencies and buggy behavior make it hard to master.

This book explains the most complex parts of JavaScript in simple terms a beginner can fully understand.

In this eBook, we are going to cover many JavaScript concepts:

  • Currying in JavaScript
  • The null and undefined operator
  • __proto__
  • unary operator
  • Memoization in JavaScript
  • Mutation in JavaScript.
  • Deep and shallow clone in JavaScript
  • For-of in JavaScript.
  • Destructuring in JavaScript

Table of Contents

  • Understanding…

Yet another JavaScript framework. The JavaScript ecosystem is rapidly evolving and with it is the release of several JS frameworks to help developers build and ship faster and robust apps with ease tailored to their needs.

Each JS framework brings its unique super-power to the game. In this post, we will learn about Malina.js, a new JS framework, and the goodies it brings to frontend development.


Malina.js is based on Svelte design. It is extremely lightweight as it produces (on compiling) nothing more than the app’s implementation code. That’s in contrast to many of the more popular frameworks. …

Yet another framework on the block. It is no news that the JavaScript community has been growing steadily and with that hundreds of frameworks have been reeled out more than we can comprehend and keep up with.

Now, most of the stable JavaScript frameworks have also frameworks built on top of them, to make them more sophisticated and highly performant.

In this post, we will be introducing the Blitz.js framework.

Why do we need this blitz.js framework?

Yes, React supercharges the way we build apps these days. The component driven design makes it very easy to build our app from a single unit of view upwards.


Understanding JavaScript’s Memory Model, with Examples.

Once we begin to type that code, we already introduce bugs and allocating memory without knowing it. How we manage them can make or mar our software.

In this post, we will learn, using examples, about memory leaks in Nodejs and how we can solve them.

In our effort to understand what a memory leak is, let’s first understand the memory model in JavaScript. This memory model visualizes how a JavaScript program is mapped in the RAM during execution.

Let’s take a look.

Memory Model

JavaScript has three portions of memory assigned to a program during execution: Code Area, Call Stack, and…

Moon.js is a minimalistic JavaScript library for building fast, functional UI.

Yet another JavaScript framework on the block. It seems like these frameworks are being churned out at an ever-increasing rate.

The newest JavaScript framework I’ll be introducing in this post is — Moon.js.

What we will learn

We will learn how to scaffold a Moon.js project, set up a basic project, Views, Data, input, and output events in Moon.js basically everything you will need to start with the new framework.


Moon.js is a minimalistic JavaScript library for building fast, functional UI. It has a relatively small file size which gives apps a small footprint, and blazingly fast performance.

Moon.js embodies…

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

You may find that you need to set up a fast GraphQL server to test your frontend app’s behavior. Trying to do so, you quickly discover that creating even the simplest GraphQL server can be a very tedious task.

We need a simple way to serve JSON objects, very fast, without going through the hassle of actually setting up a real GraphQL server. To achieve that, we mock a GraphQL backend.

Mocking is the practice of creating a fake version of a component, so that you can develop and test other parts of your application independently. …

REST has grown steadily over the years and has now become the ideal way for systems interaction over the internet. It has grown to have a great advantage over the older kids: SOAP, and XML-RPC. REST is being used by thousands of companies and startups.

REST is preferred by its nature which enables devs and users to predict the action to take, its action on the datastore, and the data they would receive. REST API is an interface in which Mobile, Desktop, Web systems can interact with a server to perform CRUD actions.

Nodejs has so many web frameworks with…

Errors and bugs are a fact of life. There’s no way to avoid them. The only thing we can do is to minimize the chances of them by:

  1. Reusing components that have “proven” themselves to be error-free both in real projects, as well as in automated testings. This can be done using Bit’s tool and platform (Github). Bit makes it quick and easy to share, reuse, and manage reusable components. It even runs unit tests before sharing components to Bit’s component hub. …

As the name implies, the typeof keyword is used to determine the types of data. This is one of the most common JS keywords found in JS apps. Knowing the type of data you are working on is often found crucial. In this post, we will look into the typeof keyword in JS.

POSTly is a web-based API tool that allows for fast testing of your APIs (REST, GraphQL). Check it out here:

typeof usage

typeof data

The data is the variable we want to get the data type. …

__proto__ is a way to inherit properties from an object in JavaScript. __proto__ a property of Object.prototype is an accessor property that exposes the [[Prototype]] of the object through which it is accessed.

POSTly is a web-based API tool that allows for fast testing of your APIs (REST, GraphQL). Check it out here:

This __proto__ sets all properties of the object set in its [[Prototype]] to the target object.

Let’s look at an example:

const l = console.logconst obj = {
method: function() {
l("method in obj")
const obj2 = {}
obj2.__proto__ = obj

We have…

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